Salt Lake Public Safety Building

We are pleased to have participated in the construction of the new $125 million Salt Lake Public Safety Building.

Salt Lake Public Safety Building – Salt Lake Tribune

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The 175,480-square-foot PSB will house about 276 police employees, 69 emergency dispatchers, 38 fire employees and four workers with the emergency management division.

It’s a stunning building,” said Kevin Miller, president of GSBS Architects, which was tapped to design the facility. “It’s really simple. It’s really straightforward. There’s nothing about it that doesn’t do something for us. There’s not an element of the design that doesn’t accomplish at least a few goals that were put before us.

DesignTeam is proud to have teamed with Milliken Carpet, Ecore, Julie Industries, Johnsonite, Roppe and many others to help create the beautiful flooring in this building.